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Most people have their own way of dealing with life's challenges. Major events can cause strong emotions to be buried deep inside the mind. But, sometimes these emotions can rise up to the surface, with unexpected ramifications. As the sun sets on a desolate road, a man is driving. When he catches sight of something up ahead, he pulls over. Slowly he approaches. With every step his heart wells up with emotion until finally he touches it. He will soon be flooded by a wave of memories that tell the story of his one true love. He will be thrust into the light but not without passing through the darkness. In an artistic depiction of life, this short travels across an honest love story that eventually leads both parties to the realisation. In life is it ever too late?



Producers: Nicolas SHAKE

1st Assistant Director: Thierry CARVAILLO

Director of Photography: Antoine CARPENTIER 

Post-Production: Luciano BUSCA & Kim Marc HUYNH

Original Score: Stephen E. LAROSA

Colorist: Jean-Ousmane MBAYE

Editor: David POUCET


Official Selections: 

Paris Short Film Festival (France) 

International Eurofilm Festival (Spain) 

HollyShorts Film Festival (USA)

Southampton Int. Film Festival (England)


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