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AMARO has been a filmmaker ever since he can remember. His international upbringing, his father being Southeast-Asian and mother Eastern-European has definitively shaped his filmmaking immeasurably. He grew up consuming films from all over the world, making him fall in love with the art of it. Growing up in LA, he quickly found his way onto Hollywood sets, working on film and tv shows, all while studying film production at the same time. It was when he moved to Paris, France that he found his lane in luxury ads. He has been in Paris making ads for high-end cosmetic and luxury brands since 2014. His vision is lavish and he has an eye for the aesthetic which are complemented by his keen sense of storytelling. Now firmly grounded in the advertising world, Amaro still finds time to create narrative works that range from stylized short films & music videos. He is always looking for his next story to tell.




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